Sand and Food Colouring

Many people think that sin is not something to really worry about. People think that if they limit the amount of sin then nothing happens. That is not true. Sin is like sand. Lets say that you have a full glass of water. If you pour sand into the water. Just little bits at a time still takes up space. Once the space is taken up there is very little space left for the water. Lets say that the water is good things and the Holy Spirit. The sand is the wrong things that you are doing.sand

Another thing that people assume/think is that they can just sin a little and it won’t “let out too much water.” Sin can also be compared to food colouring. It never stays small. If you put a drop of food colouring in a glass of water it spreads. Even if it spreads slowly it spreads surely. So take this warning from me: SIN NEVER STAYS SMALL!!!!!!fc


Clay pots

images-6.       Clay pots seem like an everyday part of our lives. Did you ever think about how the clay is made. The potter takes a lump of clay puts in on the spinning wheel and as the wheel spins he shapes and forms the clay then takes a small tool and cuts off all the uneven bits and pieces. Soon the clay becomes a pot and is barely recognizable from the lump of clay in the beggining. That’s how it is with our lives, God is the potter and we are the clay. God lets our world seemingly spin out of control then while we feel like he’s not there he uses our situation to mold us and shape us. Even if it feels painful God is using the situation to make us into the ornately decorated clay pots that he wants us to

God helps more than we know

img-20161212-wa0005                 Does this picture say that we need to impress God? Does it say that we need to do certain things or do a certain amount of good things for Him to do what it says He will do. There is one thing we must do if we want God to work it out for us, we must surrender our lives to God, I’m saying surrender not commit. I’m not going to be like the prosperity preachers and say that if you give God everything (meaning give money to them) he will surely rain down blessings from above. That’s why people have such a warped and twisted impression of Christianity today. But people also think that God is a party pooper, a killjoy cop who never wants anybody to have any fun. Well this is what I have to say to you just try and rethink your idea of fun. There could be things in your life that God could have redeemed you from that you don’t know about, a spell that was cast, witchcraft that was done, you never know. But one thing is for sure, God is holy and just and he will not tolerate sin that is hidden and not confessed

God is

God is

IMG-20160831-WA0000We all know of Gods great acts of kindness but did you know that God is kindness. God is love. God is life. He is the ressurection and the life. God has written us a letter, his love letter to us, his letter to us is the Bible. Lets read Gods love letter more often. You might say that, no, the Bible was written by several different people, but, yes, it was written by several people but God told them what to write.😃

Exams and Trials

I’m sure that we all know about exams. They’re those things that we usually don’t want to fail. We have to study hard and long. If we fail then we have to repeat the year. It’s not that complicated compared to the Christian life. You need to study for your exams and you need to study as a Christian. For exams you need to study your notes and text books, but for the Christian life you need to study your Bible. When I said the Christian life was complicated I meant it. You see, unlike exams, you can’t repeat your year or the moment that you made your mistake. But there is a way to get rid of those problems, through Jesus Christ. Just like in the exams you have a teacher that teaches you, in the Christian life you have God. All you have to do is pray. With a teacher you need to drive there or phone them but God’s just a prayer away. He is always ready to help you unlike teachers who are sometimes too busy. But there is something else we need to do. Like studying your notes, you need to study the notes God has given you in the Bible. A good place to start will be 1 John 1:9. Just like exams prepare you for the next year/grade, the trials in your Christian life prepare you for the harder trials ahead. So does studying your Bible.😉